Thing 23 Reflection:

OK the course – I have enjoyed it … but found it hard to fit in as I work part-time. For example the week I started the blog I think that took a day to sort out … In the middle it felt like the things were just non-stop and I found it hard to keep up. So the week’s off were a great relief! So please consider that some of the participants are not full time and may need more time to complete the tasks!

So what in particular have I learnt:

  1. a blog – this bit was surprisingly easy! (though not sure I include a great deal of artistic work around my thoughts!)
  2. twitter – but still do not see the point!
  3. importance of updating and maintaining my profile, e.g. linkedIn – was something I set up yonks ago, but never really used. I have made some new useful links for my research by being more active.
  4. Wikipedia – I realise I could set up a page on my research … not started yet!
  5. I actively use Zotero now for research papers.
  6. joining in to do crowdsourcing research … really fun!

Areas I struggled with:

  1. Time … course needs more time to carry out tasks … though of course this would extend it considerably!
  2. I kept putting tags on every blog … but they never seemed to appear. So a bit more help with wordpress could have been useful – or more hints / time at start when setting up the blog!
  3. I did not really interact with others on the course .. again mainly due to time pressures. I did look up a few blogs – some were fabulous and made me think I should have put more effort in… it was reassuring to see a few others were struggling. However I never sent a message to anyone else – maybe this should be a ‘task’ next time?!

Overall though – I feel improved by this course … I have learnt a great deal and I will use it. I did look forward each week to seeing what the task was….

Thing 22 – a website

OK that’s a pretty big thing to do in a week!

I have written one before, when I was thinking of setting up a company … then Brexit happened and I changed my plans….

So I am not daunted by the thought of a website – it just takes a bit of time! This training has proved really helpful in working out additional things to include in a website and useful links etc. I will do a website, but no time just now.

so other options … I have re-visited LinkedIn – and updated that. I also have looked at my University website and made a start on that, including booking to have a proper photo taken! (My departmental one is awful!) So I think I will start with that website and look to improve it and incorporate some of the ideas from this course.

Thing 20 1/2 No internet …

In my family – this is meltdown time …. though I would happily survive without the XBOX and arguments about FIFA …

However .. sort of took advice and was somewhere this week with very little internet .. a farm in Cornwall. It was frustrating actually not to be able to communicate …

Attached is the view of Watergate Bay beach … fabulous!

Thing 19 and Thing 20

Strange that I get to the later ‘things’ I find these are the one’s I already have experience of. Having teenage boys … I have used Doodle poll extensively for scheduling football matches and sorting out player availability! We have also used it to sort out a book club date … though WhatsApp has taken over from that option as easier ..

Drop box is really useful for transferring very large files – however there are security risks with it. In my previous job I was not allowed to send anything or receive any file from a drop box.

Thing 15 Open access

I have looked up my papers and found most of them are not available as open access via the library. Two of my journal papers are categorised as ‘blue’ access, 5 green and a few are not available at all. I have emailed to clarify what form the library wants the papers … some are a bit old and I’m not sure where they are any more! (can’t even get them from the journal websites … so maybe are just in hardcopy!! )

(I’m not bothering with conference papers at the moment!).

Thing 12 Thing 13

OK Thing 12 has been skipped for now … I did not feel up to recording anything!

Thing 13 – though was really interesting … loved the 15 Data visualisations that will blow your mind! Particularly the one on Napolean’s 1812 march. It has made me think more how to display my data on soil contamination – which I have currently put into a very boring and large table. I have enjoyed the Swedish Gapminder presentations before .. as they are very thought provoking!

Thing 11

Found some really useful sites … SPSS help is particularly appropriate at the moment as I try to get to grips with that software

In addition I found a really relevant slideshow … though am struggling to workout if I can download it – or always have to go via the slideshow site?


Really glad for an extra week though as this course is really time consuming …! and I still have 3 more things to address this week!

Thing 10

My research deals with contaminated sites and asbestos. Hence I looked up very uninteresting photos of industrial sites … . In the end I have attached a photo showing the usual form of asbestos on a site … just a few pieces of asbestos cement left lying around. Unfortunately, this can get broken up, and the fibres go into the soil … and that is my work – trying to work out how much asbestos is in soil – and when does it become a risk.

Asbestos sheeting, Sam Wilson,,

Thing 9 Wikipedia

This was an interesting exercise – my previous thoughts on Wikipedia was it was all a bit simplistic and there was nothing useful for research. I was wrong in one case…

I looked up ‘asbestos in soil’ there are no articles on this … but my search has led me to some interesting case studies that I was not familiar with and one that is directly relevant to my work about a development site in Rochdale

‘Lead in soil’ listed a page on soil contamination – and what was happening around the world. page for the UK was 5 years out of date … so maybe I should consider updating it (but that does seem quite intimidating … !)